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How do you versionize your code?

Last week I held a internal seminare on how git works at my office. Having to explain how git convention works and how you keep the code versionized on your own computer got me to think about how I’ve used subversion. I don’t only use it to versionize code in branches and tag releases. I [...]

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Flash debug on linux

I’ve been switching towards linux lately, mostly for educational purpose but also for having a more programmer centric environment to work on. It’s great since I’m experimenting a lot with new languages and on linux it’s easy and fast to get started (often). My choice of dist; kubuntu. Don’t ask me why it just sort [...]

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Documentation and API

For the last several years I’ve been consulting a big company in maintaining their flash framework. And as always when times get rough the first thing you omit is the documentation.. I myself have done this loads of times even if we have agreements that a new version isn’t ready to release unless it’s documented! [...]

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First play with Dart

Some days ago Google announced this weeks subject for many developers. The new language Dart that you can find first thought of on almost every blog. So why not here too =) My first reaction was “finally”! As I saw Dart as a replacement of JavaScript. Don’t get me wrong but as an ActionScript developer I’ve been [...]

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Keyboard layout and input textfields

Recently I was developing a debug log for my application with grep-filtering. What I noticed was that when I tried to type the escape character “\” I got an ampersand “&” instead… my first idea is of course that my OS has changed the keyboard layout so I try to change back. Then I notice [...]

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Keyboard Mapper 0.2

I’ve just published a small update on the Keyboard Mapper. The biggest part is actually commenting the code for ease of use and rebuilds. But it feels good to be back and blogging and contributing to the community again after the summer and some rough weeks at work. Check out the new keyboard mapper at [...]

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FlexTasks compc

Since I have had a small problem accomplishing this I thought it might be wort a small shout out. When you want to create a SWC and exclude everything except your own code you just have to exclude the core libraries that your SWC is using. In ant (using flextask) this is used with the compc – compiler.external-library-path. [...]

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Flex SDK versions (fonts and components)

Many people don’t know what the differences are between the two Flex SDK distributions that are available so since I recently ran into this exact problem I thought I would try to explain it. There are two different SDKs available. One that is open source and one that is free of use (see the licenses). [...]

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Countdown research

As I’m about to do a countdown for a kind of critical release I needed to see how much the TimerEvent fails since I know that it is not precise to the millisecond. So as a really simple test I started a timer to tick once every second. On each second I then calculated the [...]

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Updated LURunner

I just made a small update on the Loose Unit Runner. It now indicates that your tests are running if you’re using asynchronous tests. Would love all feedback and feature request! Download it here!

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